Live Q&As (ST)

Sounds True One Membership - Live Q&A instructions:

  1. If you miss any ST One Membership session, you can watch it On Demand within the Sounds True One App or website.   
        • Please allow 24-48 hours for the live session to appear in the On Demand section.    
  2. To submit a question for an ST One Session, log into the app and select the link provided.
  3. A Zoom room for the Live Session will open.
  4. You can then use the chat box to ask questions.

Digital Course - Live Q&As instructions:

  1. If you miss the live broadcast of a Q&A session, these are made available within the course.
        • Please allow 24-48 hours for the recording to be added to your course.    
  2. Select Go To Course for the online course session 
  3. Locate the Live Q&A tab 
    • All future times will also be listed

Digital Course - How to submit questions for Live Q&As:

  1. A form will be available 2 weeks prior to a Live Q&A for you to submit any questions in advance of the Live Q&A.   The author will select from the full pool of questions, so your question may or may not be selected.
  2. To view the Q&A form, access your course from your Digital Library and click on the Q&A section within the course lessons.
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