Sounds True Mobile App FAQs (ST)

Sounds True Mobile App FAQs for Android and iOS (Apple)

How to Download the Sounds True App (iOS and Android):

  • The new Sounds True app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How to Log in from your PC or Mac:

  • Log into Sounds True One Membership Login by adding your personal email address and click continue with email to send a temporary 6 digit access code to your personal email
  • Login to your personal email account to obtain your temporary verification access code
  • Enter the temporary verification code you received to the ST One Login Page

Q: If I miss a live program, how do I watch it later?

A: Once logged in to Sounds True ONE Membership, you can click on the ON DEMAND section to review all live content within 48-72 hrs after the live session.

How to navigate the mobile experience (iPhone or Android):

Once logged into the App on your mobile device, the following options will become available:


If you are having trouble loging in to your account - try these recommended steps:

For the App:  Close out of the app completely on your phone and then re-open app.

On the web:

  • Close out of the browser and clear cached files and then re Restart phone/device and re-open app.
  • Restart new browser and re Make sure cell phone coverage and/or wifi access is working and there are no access or speed issues.
  • Make sure wifi access is working and there are no access or speed issues.

How to unsubscribe from Sounds True One Membership Emails:

  • Please email your request to our support staff at 
  • Once it has been processed you will receive an email notification that it was completed
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for emails to completely stop
  • If emails do not stop please let our support staff know.

Still have questions? 

Reach out to our customer service team by clicking here




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